Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part One

                                -HALF ASLEEP, SITTING ON MY BACKPACK,
                               IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT,
                               OUTSIDE NEWPORT, OREGON-

I reactivated my phone and so now I can post some new photos!


Whether it's a pine tree giving the finger or a cop digging in on a are so much fun to take!

                                -MOTORCYCLE MEDIC, SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT,
                                                              NEAR OGDEN, UTAH-

My new road trip began near the ocean in Oregon. I boarded several buses between Bandon
and Coos Bay, Oregon.

                                -WAITING FOR A BUS AT COOS BAY, OREGON-

I finally moved far enough inland to the small city of Sweet Home, Oregon. I stepped off the last of the series of buses there and went looking for assistance. I quickly found it.

One minute I was walking down a sidewalk and the next minute I was eating lunch with a member of a church, in the Sweet Home community. He not only bought me a meal but he also bought me a room in a nice mom-and-pop motel, too. I stayed there overnight and the next morning, he drove me out to a good spot where I could begin to hitchhike from.

He prayed with me and then slipped me an envelope with $100 in cash in it. And then he drove away.

I was concerned about how I was going to get through Idaho, since that State is so hell-bent on giving hitchhikers a hassle. But the man assured me that God had heard his prayer and that I would probably get a ride right straight through Idaho.

I did.

But I got a ride to Cascade, Oregon first. I was propositioned by a local pervert and after I got rid of him, a man from a Nationwide tire company gave me a ride. He ended up driving me over 670 miles from where he picked me up at, to the pretty little town of Tremonton, in northern Utah.

                                -A BEAUTIFUL SUNSET OVER OREGON'S HIGH

The man drove all night. By the time that  we  reached Tremonton, Utah it was morning again and I was totally exhausted. So I said goodbye to my  driver, checked into a motel and fell asleep.

The next day, I got a series of rides that eventually got me to "the other side of the mountain." I traveled to Interstate 84 and a ski area known as Heber City, Utah.         

Heber City eventually led to a man who works in a huge oil fracking patch in Utah.


After work, he bought me a room (where I stayed by myself) at a Best Western hotel in Vernal, Utah.

The  next day, I took a short ride on a Greyhound bus to the small, spit-in-the-sand town of Dinosaur.

I finally made it to the crazy State of Colorado.

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