Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

                                                          -ALL PHOTOS AND EDITS
                                                                  BY RUTH RADER-

And just where have I been??  On the road, of course. I have been very, very busy on the road. One of the only people who has been in active contact with me, on a consistent basis, is fellow blogger Julie and her husband Keith.

I have some catching up to do, here and I'm going to do that now.

This series of posts will include photographs and also my reaction to two recent events (neither event is on the National news, right now but I feel that they are both important, anyway).

As some of you may know, between March and May of this year, I hitchhiked from Eastern Oregon to California, Arizona, New Mexico and into Colorado. Then I hitched up to Iowa where I ran into a severe ice storm and then heavy snow in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I got a ride with a guy who was transporting a refurbished U.P.S. truck. He drove me from Sioux Falls to Maple Valley, Washington. When we parted company, I contacted his company and sent them an email and some photographs. The guy was summarily fired.

Trust me, he asked for it.

Then I headed back down into Oregon where I started following Highway 101 south. I have been following that road, ever since.

Recently, I returned to Bandon, Oregon, where Brad Pitt's grandparents apparently hang-out and Clint Eastwood still maintains that "Aunt Bea By The Sea" house.

I haven't met any of them, but I did get a chance to experience a couple of nights in a yurt at a local State Park.

Yurts are cool!

I was first introduced to yurts when I met a family who makes them for a living...way up in Homer,
Alaska. That family (plus a few more locals) create yurts of all sizes and ship them to customers all over the World.

The yurt that I stayed in, near Bandon, was made right here in Oregon.

A yurt is essentially a round tent. This particular yurt features a skylight, placed at the top of the tent.

The skylight changed with the time of the day, weather conditions and whether or not I had the lights on in the yurt.

And yes, the yurt is equipped with electric lights and outlets. There is, however, no Wi-Fi in the park.

The yurt also includes a space heater unit, but no running water (there is a standalone tap right outside, however) or refrigeration.

The yurt does include a full-size couch and a queen-size bed with a twin-size bed up above it.

I also enjoyed the use of a table and two chairs.

This is a shot of the door.

Outside of the yurt features a porch, a bench and a nice ramp.

There is also a picnic table, a paved drive-in pad and a nifty fire pit.

And the view outside is really nice, too!

Restrooms and hot showers are just a short walk from all of the yurts in the park. If you get a chance, check-out the yurt experience at the State Park near Bandon, Oregon. It's fun!

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