Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Yesterday was "break time over, get out of Dodge (or in this case, Coos Bay, Oregon) day." So I yawned, stretched, packed and left.

I took a series of buses from Coos Bay to Florence, Oregon. Then I tromped down to the corner,
by Highway 101, sat down on my pack and put my thumb out.

The usual band of idiots drove by, along with the normal (and worthwhile) people. The truckers
blew dust at me, one woman (no doubt, a "crack Ho") stopped her "burnt-the-original-paint-off" stolen Toyota pickup and shouted her whiskey-ruined voice, across the road at me.

"I'm only going six miles" she croaked, already eyeing my stuff. I just smiled at her and shook
my head.

"Well" crackled the hag, "Good luck hitchhiking, you bitch."

Then she turned her truck around and drove away.

I sat on my backpack and smiled even more. "She wished me good luck" I thought. And in the
end, good luck is exactly what I got.

A woman, with the most beautiful Pomeranian dog that I have ever seen, stopped her car and
offered me a ride. She ended up taking me to her house. I spent the night there and we shared
a great conversation, good food and played with the puppies (she has several).

I showered, slept, did my laundry and then she drove me to Newport, Oregon. I am almost
done drinking a one liter bottle of Diet Dew (which, once it kicks in, will keep me awake
for hours) and the nice lady fixed me a good lunch that I will enjoy, later.

Yes, I got good luck, alright. And the "crack Ho"?

She probably got another hit.

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