Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

                                            GINA DEJESUS' HAND IN THE AIR
                                             AFTER SHE IS FREED
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                                             PICMONKEY SOFTWARE-

Getting involved:

The Cleveland abduction/imprisonment story has brought involvement back around to the
front of the American consciousness.

And that is right where it should remain from now on.

Intervention with prayer and good intentions is worth something. Apathy, negligence and
convenient ignorance will never contribute anything to the common good.

Yesterday, I woke up in Yachats, Oregon...which is located about 25 miles south of  Newport, Oregon. (WEBCAM).

I got a ride to the public library in Newport where I stayed for the majority of the day. Then
I walked down to the edge of town and sat down on my backpack, under a glowing light pole.

It was quiet with the exception of the occasional vehicle passing by. I tried to get a ride but
nobody stopped, so I finally gave up.

Then I leaned back against the light pole and dozed off.

No one ever checked on me or asked me what I was doing there. But the cops ran up and down
the road and kept an eye on me, all night.

When daylight returned, I tried again and got a ride with a guy who was on his way to work. He
drove me from there to downtown Corvallis, Oregon. I got on a series of buses after that and ended up
where I am, tonight:  Sweet Home, Oregon.

I am enjoying this motel and I will be going to sleep in a big, comfortable bed, tonight.

Getting involved. It has gifted me with a warm and safe place to stay, tonight. And
tomorrow we will ALL have the chance to do it, again: GET INVOLVED AND

                                         -BETH SERRANO, SISTER AMANDA BERRY
                                           AND AMANDA'S DAUGHTER, REUNITED-

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