Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Say Something, Sabrina Allen

                                                           SABRINA FAIR LlORENS ALLEN

"We're absolutely hoping to play that angle she is getting to that age where she is rebelling against whatever in her environment that she is in and wants to learn who she is on her own and maybe she
will reach out and try to find out who she is," said Sabrina's Father, Greg Allen.


Years before Kyron Horman went missing in Oregon, Sabrina Allen was kidnapped by her mother, Dara and taken to Mexico. Sabrina was just a young child then.

I have been following Sabrina's case ever since.

As many of you know, I have a tracker on my blog. Yes, I do. And every week or so, I check it.

Over the past two months, I have been receiving increasing hits from Mexico. I also continue to
get hits about Sabrina from Michigan.

Today, when I looked at my tracker, I discovered several hits from Austin, Texas. In fact, I get
quite a few hits, on a regular basis, from all over the State of Texas.

But, today the hits from Austin led me back to the official site for Sabrina.

Now I am publishing this post with the new information and NCMEC's updated, age-enhanced
rendition of how Sabrina may look, today.

I am also asking Sabrina, if by some miracle chance she should read this post, to please send a
message to your family. Let them know that you are alive, Sabrina. They obviously all love you
very much. So Honey, go for it.

You don't know me, Sabrina. But your dad does. And despite everything, his love for you has remained steadfast. You know that you can count on him...that much is obvious.

The ball is finally in your court, Sabrina. Play it. Say something.

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