Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Better Way On Memorial Day

                                -PHOTO BY RUTH RADER-

Now that I've arrived, I want everyone to know that I am here to enjoy the
Summer in this area. I actually like this place.

I realize that every family has its share of quarrels and the same thing can
be said for a small town.

But these days I am less about walls and more about bridges. Without some
semblance of unity, we would all remain on the losing end of life. And that
is the end that I refuse to be stuck in.

So, while I am here, I will spend more time walking across the mud and less
time slinging it.

For I am blessed to have the life that I do. And I see no wisdom in sowing
seeds of bitterness. Those seeds would only end up growing what I don't
ever want to harvest.

On this Memorial weekend, I will remember that many men and women in
uniform didn't die so that I could be a universal hater. They gave their life
so that I could be free to celebrate what I am so very fortunate to have: A
truly positive focus on my amazing life.

May God continue to bless our America.

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