Monday, June 10, 2013

Angry All The Time

(I chose this song because I feel that it speaks for more than just the
relationship between some husbands and wives. I think that it calls
out to many people, who are angry, today. Think about it.)

We have a problem in this world, right now: Too many people are angry.

Edward Snowden wouldn't be in the position that he is in if he hadn't been
hit with a hard, cold wave of anger.

Some people are angry at a government, some people are angry at a race,
a religion or a family member.

I am just tired of it all.

The right doesn't like the left...the east doesn't like the west...and so many people,
in between...are carrying banners of hate.

And none of it will ever really make anyone's life any better.

Bitterness has replaced kindness and cynicism is swiftly replacing faith.

I am in a war zone now and more bombs of rage are falling, everyday. It's gotten to
the point where it's easier to plant a tree in the ground than to plant a seed of love
in another family member's heart.

And I sit on the sidelines, in the midst of the wreckage and just shake my head.

From a young woman in a small town to those who are now chasing down Edward

...I don't why you've got to be angry all the time.

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