Friday, June 14, 2013

Bad Eddy Snowden: "Handsome" And Hanging Tough

"Snowden Handsome" is what his Sina Weibo fans now call Edward Snowden in China. According to ABC News, "Sina Weibo" is the Chinese counterpart to Twitter. And that site has now proven that Bad Eddy Snowden has a significant fan base who have fallen in love with him.

Meanwhile, FOX  "Patriotic But Paranoid" News is now accusing Bad Eddy of being a "double agent."

And I'm still laughing.

The British Big Wigs don't want him to show up in the UK,  but the Guardian and Daily Mail journalists
are still fascinated with Bad Eddy Snowden, just the same.

I wish Mr. Edward Snowden good luck and many blessings. And thank you again, E, for stepping
up and setting the record straight.

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