Saturday, June 29, 2013

Biden's Bull And Google's Gag

["If Mr. Snowden, through Ms. (Laura) Poitras, showed parts of his trove to Der Spiegel , it would mark an expansion of his journalistic collaborations, which so far have included The Guardian, The (Washington) Post and The South China Morning Post of Hong Kong."]--New York Times

The Guardian (UK): U.S. Military Blocks Parts Of Guardian Website

Reuters News Service: Biden Wants Snowden Blocked

As if the recently unveiled actions by President Obama weren't bad enough!  Now Vice President Biden, like a silver-tongued devil, is trying to influence Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa. Biden wants Correa to slam the door against Edward Snowden and deny Snowden's request for asylum in Ecuador.

It's obvious that the United States Government is turning up the heat in its frantic attempt to apprehend Snowden. I condemn their motives but I realize why they are doing it.

Google, on the other hand, I don't understand.

The Big G has pulled Edward Snowden's name from my automatic search list. In other words, when
I go to my Google News page and start to type in the word, "Edward"...I get a list of possible matches. The list will include the name "Edward" with possible matches for a last name. Recently, the name "Snowden" was dropped from the match list and hasn't been on the last name list, since.

That is very unusual.

In the beginning, when I typed-out the name "Edward", the last name of "Snowden" would show up
right there at or near the top of the suggested list. "Snowden" isn't being included, now.

And not only that, but when I call-up a list of recent news articles about Ed Snowden now, the list that opens includes a banner. The banner, right up at the top of the page, features a quote by Edward Snowden. The quote, which changes when I refresh the page, is always related to the words that Snowden used against whistle blowers. Those words were written before Snowden had a change of heart and adopted the mindset that he obviously has now.

It looks like Google has fallen under the spell of the Federal Government and is now helping to act
out the Feds no-longer-so-hidden agenda.

Shame on you, Google.

You've allowed yourself to be gagged.

Update: The aforementioned banner is now gone. However that does not guarantee that it won't
reappear at some point. Everything else that I have described in this post remains the same.

Therefor, Google is still, in my opinion, operating with a negative bias toward Edward Snowden.

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