Monday, June 17, 2013

Edward Snowden: For The Dream

*StopWatchingUs  petition update: As of 7pm Central time on Monday, June 17, the petition
has 206,491 signatures.

There are, at this moment, over 184,000 signatures on the "Stop Watching Us" petition. I
signed it and I hope that you will, too.

The following is from an email that the organizations aligned with this petition, sent to me:


* I support a coalition of action against #NSA surveillance. Join me – ask US Congress to stop the NSA's alleged actions:
* The web is meant to be open and free. Join me in asking US Congress to stop #NSA surveillance:

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This is only a first step in making sure the web remains open and free – we'll be in touch with more updates as we fight to protect your right to privacy.

And so it goes...

He hasn't shot down a multiple number of people, or set-off a bomb, or terrorized anyone. No, that isn't Edward Joseph Snowden's style.

He just put his life on pause, stepped up and told the truth.

 I don't know where he is, today but I am sincerely praying that Ed Snowden is alright.

And I condemn anyone who even considers hurting that remarkable young man. All the talk about
hunting Snowden down, torturing him, incarcerating him in solitary confinement or assassinating him in cold blood is disgraceful.

The Federal government of the United States of America is better than that. Isn't it?


I mean, who is running my Country now? Who is really in charge?

Lately, it seems like an awful, evil entity has crept, like a stinking sin, into my Country's conscience. Now part of my homeland is still good but another rotting part has been revealed.

It's like someone has acquired a brand new American flag and is now slowly dragging it through
the dirt of corruption.

And that isn't the Nation that I will pledge my allegiance or ever.

Say a prayer for Edward Joseph Snowden and please sign the petition. Remind yourself why our
Country began, in the first place.

It's still not too late for the dream.

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