Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Edward Snowden:The Beginning Of The End?


As a storm system blows through this area, I wonder how Edward Snowden really is, right now.  I have been following his story, as closely as I can. But now, reliable news about his whereabouts,
has ground to a standstill.

I am a "finger-in-the-nail-holes" type person. And until I see some definite proof, I won't be
sure that Edward Snowden is even alive. anymore.

Oh sure, I have heard the Wikileaks declaration that Snowden is alive, well and safe, somewhere.

But until I see his face, hear his voice and I read a new interview between Ed Snowden and the
reliable end of the media...I will continue to fear the worst.

If and when new information comes in about Edward Snowden's status and his actual whereabouts,
I will post it here.

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