Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Google: Grounded Or Going For It?

Google wants to GIVE IT UP.

In a bold move, the Big G sent an open letter to the Attorney General and the F.B.I.. Google asked
for permission to reveal what's been going on between their company and the U.S. Government, lately.

Now I'm wondering how much information the NSA/FBI/PRISM/White House people are going to actually release to the public.

Hey, Edward Snowden did it...let's do it, again!

I was waiting to see what Google would do. Right now, the Mountain Home, California GOOG is under intense scrutiny. But not so much by the government as by its advertisers, bloggers and users of alllll sorts.

I knew when this situation began that Google would eventually have a choice to make.

Now I ask you, Google: Who is really your boss?

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