Sunday, June 02, 2013

It All Went Up In Smoke

It all went up in that vigil last night: The wishes and the hopes and the prayers.
Then everybody left. And I wonder who was left...standing the quiet darkness.


Some of my readers have developed a renewed interest in one of my posts: 'Kyron Horman: Maybe It's This Way."  And that interest extends all the way to Singapore and the Russian Federation.


It's very easy to light a candle and speak a prayer. But in three years, none of those whispered pleas or flickering flames have brought Kyron home, again.

And that may be because Kyron's disappearance has nothing to do with flames or fervent prayers. The ugliness that stole Oregon's Son may be linked to a greater horror and may involve more children than just Kyron.

But if, in fact, Terri just lost her temper and took Kyron's life on the side of a road...there still remains a legacy...reminding Oregon that it has something to be very, very ashamed of.

From the disgraceful negligence of the the residents who refused to pay the pittance to install security cameras at Skyline school...the Portland metro area still carries the bruises of blame.

And between the wicks and the wicked...the truth remains hidden within the hollow of more than one
coward's heart.

Nothing even remotely human has anything to do with where our boy, Kyron, is now. And it's going to take more than a spark, a wick and a wish to bring him back again.

Right, James Moulton?

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