Thursday, June 13, 2013

Laughing With Bad Eddy Snowden

Edward  Snowden. Bahahahahahaha!! I just hear his name now and I start to laugh. I bet he spent several years planning out all of his moves. Now he's seriously famous and I am getting a grand kick out of the guy.

Go, Ed, go!

He smuggled four laptops out of the United States, and those computers are loaded with NSA secrets..


Now he has possession of them, in Hong Kong...and he's ready to rub elbows with China.


Of course, Snowden is all over the worldwide media today.

And yesterday, I'm sure young Ed's ears were burning while he was being discussed on Capitol Hill.

Yeah, don't you agree that NSA Director Keith Alexander came across like a bad imitation of
Mr. Rogers?

And didn't you just love his Captain Kangaroo uniform?

Geez, Mr. General Poobah Alexander had more medals pinned on his chest than he had answers to give. I am not surprised. If the Senate Appropriations Committee really wants to find out anything, maybe they should contact Edward Snowden!


Now, U.S. "intelligence officials" fear that Snowden is going to defect to China. Awww, now wouldn't that just mess things up?

And they're looking everywhere for Bad Eddy Snowden, today!

Good luck finding him. Something tells me that Snowden will get to reveal more truth...faster than the Feds will get to him.


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