Friday, June 07, 2013

Snooping And Shooting: Who Is Winning?

Fellow blogger Juli and I had a discussion about guns and laws and shooters, today. I am in northeastern Kansas, right now and I wanted to know what the Kansas majority thinks about this hot button topic. We had no idea that another mass shooting was already taking place, as we spoke, in Santa Monica, California.

Fox News Atlanta, Update

Washington Post Coverage

Meanwhile, the NSA/FBI are spending time listening for potential terrorists.

Which would be all fine and good except that the FBI, known for its own, internal corruption,
hasn't prevented one mass shooting in this Country. They say that they're snooping across phone numbers and the Internet, in an effort to thwart would-be terrorists. Meanwhile, the crime of domestic
terrorism is continuing, unabated.

In my opinion, if  the NSA investigated its own ass, it would probably overlook a raging hemorrhoid.

ZD NET: How NSA/FBI Scraped The Internet

And even as all of this high-level snooping continues, nobody has figured out how to keep every wingnut away from assault rifles.

What good is all of the NSA/FBI's nosing around...after a shooter unloads his weapon into innocent people?

Wikipedia: PRISM 411

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