Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Caring Cop In Colfax

I  got dropped off by a long-haired, aging hippie in the small town-city of Colfax, Washington.
The guy was kind enough to leave me at a laundromat where I ran a much-needed load of
dirty clothes through a machine. I love those new Tide detergent pods!

After my clothes were washed, dried, folded and rolled into my backpack, I called the local
police department. I needed somewhere to stay in that town, overnight and I hoped that the cops
would help me get situated.

One cop did.

A young officer came to the laundromat and he brought the best attitude that he could...with him.

First, he drove me to the local grocery store, introduced me to the night manager and then
walked around the store with me, while I shopped for food. Then he brought me, my food and
drink out to a park that is situated at one end of  the town.

 He turned on the lights in a pavilion and told me that I could stay there, overnight. Then he
unlocked the door in the nearby restroom and gave me a big, warm, wool blanket to wrap
up in.

During the night, he returned to make sure that I was alright. And, in retrospect, I think that
that he is one of the finest officers, including my own father, that I have ever met.

The next morning, the sunshine revealed the true beauty of the park.

I will always remember that lovely park and the genuine good will that was extended to me by
one great cop in Colfax, Washington.

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