Wednesday, July 31, 2013

After The Dust Settles, The Dirt Remains

The Truth And Why Test It?

Does A Female Falling On A Sword Make A Sound?

Now, it's my turn.

When I first heard about Jeff's affair, I was afraid that it may have involved someone who has worked very closely with him: Marissa Madrigal. I was very relieved to find out that she has nothing to do with that bent and crappy corner of Jeff Cogen's life.

And, as far as I know now, Marissa would never do such a foolish, stupid thing...especially with a lightweight liar like Cogen. But I do wonder just how much longer she will continue working for him.

I bet that she's asked herself that question.

I wonder if she was shocked when she heard the news. Or did the lady who rescued me on a cold, Winter night in downtown Portland...know about the affair all along?

You see, Marissa and I know each some a somewhat unusual way. And from the day that we first met, she has had a great respect for her "boss."

Now I wonder what she's feeling inside about this man who has turned out to be a stereotypical, phony, political slider?

I shook Jeff Cogen's hand once. That happened on the same day that I shared a nice lunch with Marissa.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't even give him the short end of my left pinkie finger.

This is because I am disgusted with the guy.

And I should be.

Among other things that he did wrong, as a result of his damnable decision to imitate King David (check the Bible) is the fact that he made himself vulnerable. And people counted on him...and nobody who is ever in a position of leadership should ever put himself in that type of situation.

Even I know that.

And considering the fact that I have sat on a blanket, with the snow blowing in my face, on West Burnside Avenue, in downtown Portland, Oregon...well, there is no excuse for his ignorance. None...whatsoever.

 I am aware of the fact that this whole revelation smacks of a set-up. Or the fall-out from an attempt at extortion. Or a really nasty political ploy.

Which is nothing new in Oregon.

Yes, someone may have found out about the affair and used it to get Jeff Cogen removed from office.

Well, as far as I'm's worked.

Oh, yeah, he's still working...but the tracks left by his feet of clay are everywhere.

And they will never go away.

I don't care how much he uses the Sam Adams method to absolve himself.

The best thing that Jeff Cogen could do right now is to leave his position...just go away.

Because now, he doesn't look any different to many people, than the guy who spits tobacco on the sidewalk in front of the Portland Rescue Mission.

Sonia may have stepped out of your way, Mr. Commissioner...but many people are still here.

You sorry sonofabitch.


Ramonita said...


Ruth Rader said...

Private Message:
Thank you for your response. You are good people and I have faith in the fact that you always will be. You know who you are.

I was in Portland, recently and I think I saw him there. He didn't look happy.

And I suppose that he has two choices now:

1.) Remake himself into a sincerely good, kind and respectful human being.

2.) Just keep humming that tune that includes the lyrics: "Life goes on...long after the thrill of living is gone."