Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bad Eddy Snowden: Hitching From An Auction?

["Officials in Russia, which has made clear it wants Snowden to leave, say an embassy car would be considered foreign territory if a country picked him up - possibly a message to leaders of oil-producing countries in Moscow for talks this week."]--Reuters News Service

CNN: Where Will Snowden Go From Here?

Yeah, you can almost see ol'  Vladimir Putin tearing the hair out of his head and crying,
"Yes! Somebody take this guy away so I don't have to think about him, anymore. I'm afraid that he
is karma after I stole that Super Bowl ring!"

Which, if you think about it...maybe Edward Snowden is.


So maybe Bad Eddy ought to just step out of the shadows and into the sunshine, just inside one of the Terminal's back gates. He could hold up a sign saying: "Spare Me A Ride To Venezuela?"

Or maybe Bad Eddy could just stand up on a chair in the middle of the airport, with the rest of those snatched secret goodies in a bag slung over his shoulder. And allow the goodies and himself, to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

"Vat yoo gonna geef for dis Vily Veeselblower, anyfay, comrades?!" The auctioneer would shout.

"Tventy-tousand rubles?"

"Ah, looks like we gotta buyer."

"Nyet, he just vants da secrets...you gotta stay here."


Poor Eddy.

Sometimes it really costs a lot to be bad.

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