Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Desiree Young Drops Suit/Terri Moulton Fights Restraining Order

Oregonian Coverage

Corvallis-Gazette Times Coverage

Oregonian: Public Restraining Order Hearing Cancelled

Something is up. I just know it is.

And I wonder who is getting really nervous, now?

Why is DeDe Spicher talking now?

Did the money train derail, DeDe?

Or are you actually trying to help your rat friend, Terri Moulton?

What about James?

You all think that you're crashing a great big wrecking ball into the investigation for young Kyron Horman?

That's not what I think. Nope.

I just wonder if some people in a small town in another State (outside Oregon) are beginning to chew
their fingernails off, now.

Naw...that just couldn't be happening.

It looks to me like the more that the main players try to hush everything up...the louder the truth is getting.

Maybe that's the whole point.

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SusanNH said...

Glad to see you up and running with a new comuter. I follow Blinkoncrime.com to keep up with the newest developments in Kyrons case. I admire your advocating for Kyron. Keep up the good work.

Susan in New Hampshire.