Saturday, July 06, 2013

Edward Snowden: Beyond FedEx


This morning's news is declaring that Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia are considering taking Edward Snowden in.


And along with every new article that's being posted today, one thing is missing: A new photo, video or audio recording of Edward Snowden.

I see photos and videos of Glenn Greenwald and Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. But I don't see Bad Eddy, anywhere.

And yet the offers to grant him asylum, keep coming.

How sweet.

(Crossing my arms and tapping my foot)

I will believe it when I see it.

And just what do the guys in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia intend to do for Edward Snowden, if and when he gets to one of those Countries?

It's real easy to use noble words when Snowden isn't standing on their turf. And I've seen the promises come and the arrangements totally unravel when it's been time for Bad Eddy to go. Now I am watching this latest episode of  "Dialing For A Snowden Destination" with a very cynical eye.

And I wish that I had a loud enough voice to remind everyone involved in this latest plan...that Edward Joseph Snowden is not a piece of FedEx freight...he is a human being!

No one is going to be able to just stack him on a cart with the rest of the cargo and drive him out
to the plane. And he has the rest of his life to live. He has the God-given right to spend the rest of his life in peace...far away from threats, hatred and persecution.

That is...if Mr. Edward Joseph Snowden, a true United States still alive.

I pray that he is. And I hope that today is the day that the right person puts Bad Eddy and a package
of truth...on the right flight to freedom.

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