Friday, July 05, 2013

Edward Snowden: Everybody But Eddy

A song for Edward Snowden:

"I remember quite clearly/
When I got out of bed/
I said, Oh good morning.../
What a beautiful day."--From The Song, "Soldiers" By James Taylor.

Greenwald Says Snowden Wrote Statement

Just because Glenn Greenwald announces something, or Wikileaks claims it, still doesn't mean that Edward Snowden wrote it. The way things stand now, with no definitive proof, we don't even know if Edward Snowden is still alive.

It's like we're getting messages from a ghost.

I'm really beginning to wonder if Edward Snowden is gone. I know that I
posted about this, recently...but I haven't seen actual video footage of that guy
since he left Hong Kong. I haven't heard a new audio statement from him,

I think that Edward Snowden is dead.

Apparently, he posted a statement on the Wikileaks website, on July 1.  I say
"apparently" because I don't really believe that Snowden wrote those

After all,  it isn't Wikileaks that I have put my faith in, it's Edward Joseph Snowden.
And I haven't seen Snowden, anywhere. (Not even on a bus)

It was reported that Bad Eddy Snowden boarded a plane in Hong Kong and flew to
Moscow. But after that, any proven direct contact with him, stopped.

Oh, sure...Putin and his people claim that Ed Snowden is at that Moscow airport. But
why should I believe a Federation that won't even grant Snowden asylum?

NBC News recently asked Guardian reporter/blogger Glenn Greenwald if he thinks that the Wiki-
leaks statement was really released by Snowden. And even Greenwald isn't sure!


It's a fair question.

Edward Snowden started this whole thing by putting his own face, voice and name in front
of a camera. He made a tremendous impact on the his actions and in
his own words.

Where is THAT guy now?

There's stories being reported in rapid fire...about presidents and policies
and flying through hostile airspace.

But where is a new image or video or audio of Snowden?

I'm very satisfied with the secrets that Bad Eddy has revealed.

Now I want Edward Joseph Snowden to reveal himself.


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