Monday, July 22, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Five

                               -A REMINDER: ALL PHOTOS AND EDITS BY
                               RUTH RADER. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED-
I left the hospital at 6:30 that night. Two hours after I had been picked up the ambulance.

I walked up to the bottom of the ramp, dropped my pack, put out my thumb and a man
pulled his car over.

Just like that.

I burst out laughing.

He drove me from Miles City all the way to Billings, Montana. I won't reveal where I
stayed in that city, but whenever I find myself in that area, that is where I stop.

I stayed there for two days.

I showered, did laundry, ate well and slept off every bit of my road exhaustion.

And no, I wasn't in a shelter. But I was in good hands.

I was in much better shape when I went back out to the ramp. Billings was very kind
to me. But then, it usually is.

A few short rides brought me to a new friend. Her name is Pam. She is Jewish and she
also has her own program on a radio station in Montana.

She and I text each other all the time, now. We keep in touch because that is the right
thing to do. She stays with me like an angel.

Pam picked me up and drove me past Bozeman, Montana to the nearby community of
Belgrade. She bought me a foot-long flat bread sandwich, a cookie and a drink from
Subway. But that's when we got to Belgrade.

Pam first met me in a convenience store/gas station outside Billings. I had been sitting
out on the ramp and was getting hot, again. So I walked over to the store, splashed cold
water on myself in the restroom and then bought myself a tall, cold icy drink.

In the midst of all of that, Pam and I started talking. We still are. Even though we are
miles apart.

I rode with her to Belgrade, we ate some of our food and then she drove me a few more
miles down the road to a small town. Then she dropped me off.

It was very windy there, that day!

Pam put my hair in pig tails but you can't really tell in this photograph! Look at my
hair...whipping up into the wind!

While I stood around in the wind, waiting for the next ride, graffiti and a message on
a guardrail, caught my eye.

I assume that the writing was left by a Rainbow person. It looks like their markings.

A van finally pulled over. A woman, by herself, offered me a ride. I walked over to the
other side of the road and put my backpack in her backseat.  As I did, two Rainbow guys
came out of nowhere and grabbed the bag that held the other half of my sandwich and
my cookie. They held it up like it was some kind of trophy and ran off with it!

See what I mean?

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