Monday, July 22, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Six

The road out of Missoula was not easily accessed. I got there and then stayed there
all day long before I finally got a ride up that ramp.

Fortunately, I had plenty of munchies and cold Diet Dew.

In the evening, after I sat on that ramp all day, a guy came by (who shall remain
nameless) and picked me up. He drove me to St. Regis, Montana. He works with a crew
and decided to give me his last night at a local motel, there. He went to hang-out with
his buddies at another hotel suite.

He made sure that I had what I needed (translation: money) and then said goodnight.

I slept well and after a good shower and a big breakfast at a local restaurant, I  walked
out to the ramp.

Some Rainbow people were already there. They were soon joined by more people. But
I had a secret weapon: (translation: money). After about an hour, it began to get
really hot and then one-by-one, every other person up there began to walk back off of
the ramp.

Not me.

I had a cold drink and another cup filled with ice. So, I was set for the long haul.

After everyone else left, I sat down on my backpack, right at the entrance to the ramp
and BINGO! I got a ride.

The lady is named Cindy and she drives a little car...very fast and very well. She drove me
from St. Regis, Montana, across the pipe stem of northern Idaho, past Spokane, Washington
to a highway that runs south out of that city.

We even stopped at Walmart, along the way, and made sure that I was properly set with

When Cindy dropped me off, I was back out in the country, again.

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