Monday, July 22, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Three

After the deputy dropped me off, I walked into a truck stop/travel center/casino and got
permission to hang-out in the driver's lounge for the rest of that night.

That particular business has a really nice lounge that includes some very comfy, over sized
vinyl chairs. I sat down in one, looked at the flatscreen in front of me for a moment and then
went right to sleep.

The next morning, I bought a breakfast sandwich, washed it down with some orange juice
and then headed up the westbound ramp to the Interstate.

I thought that catching a ride that morning would be easy. I was wrong.

The day began with reasonable sunshine and a cool breeze.
So I walked up the ramp and down the highway, across a bridge and sat down on
a guardrail on the other side.

I felt very optimistic.

Little did I know then that eventually, I would face a very bad experience.

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