Monday, July 22, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

It took the rest of that afternoon to get a ride. But as the sun began to sink and rain
clouds drifted in, a young lady stopped and picked me up.

She is young, only twenty-two years alive and gave me a big smile after she stepped
out of her zippy, little car.

I told her that I was on my way to Rapid City and she told me that is where she lives.

So, I slid into her car and looked at the Hawaiian hula girl shaking in her grass skirt,
on the car's dashboard.

The young woman ended up taking me to her condo, which is located in a gated-
community near the edge of Rapid City.

I trudged up four flights of stairs to her front door. When I walked in, I was surprised
to see clothes, furniture and other domestic items...stacked up in the corners. It almost
looked like a hoarder's haven.

I found this to be rather odd considering that the two bedroom, two full bath condo
looked like it would cost over $1,500 a month.

After I sat down on one of the couches in the living room, I asked her, "Soooo...if you
don't mind me asking you...what is the story here?"

She told me that she is in a state of roommate upheaval. And then she went on to
tell me a classic "I don't understand my roommate" story.

When she finished, I shrugged and headed into one of the bathrooms. I took a bath,
soaped over all of my nasty fly bites and then watched the remnants of the smelly
DEET spray run down the drain.

I ate well, slept well and then took off with the young lady, in her car... around a
corner of  Wyoming and into Montana. We drove into that State by way of Alzada
which is located near the southeastern border of Montana.

That was all fine and good except for the fact that there is very little in that section
of the State. I mean, nuttin' Honey. We traveled mile after mile across a vast expanse
of sand, rocks and sagebrush.

Then we saw a mileage sign.

"I can't drive anymore" she said and turned into a pullover. The sun was dipping in
the sky as I looked around me. I saw a dilapidated trailer sitting in the weeds near
what appeared to be a ramshackle post office and some kind of store. A lone vapor
light cast a shadow across the dirt.

"You're going to leave me HERE ?" I asked.

"Oh no, not exactly" she replied and got out of her car, walked over to the edge of
the highway and stuck out her thumb.

"Are you out of your mind?!" I called to her.

With a disgusted sigh, I pulled out my cell phone again and contacted the County cops.
I told the dispatcher, a very nice lady, where I was, what was going on and what I

She told me to tell the young girl to stop hitchhiking and that she was going to send
out a deputy to get me. I told the girl but she didn't listen. Instead, she managed to
flag down a trucker who, when he realized that he was going to have to transport me,
and not the young, curvaceous cutie that he saw first...became very crabby.

I was not surprised.

After a few minutes of conversation, the cranky driver headed up the road toward
some open weigh scales, without me.

"You dimwit" I said to the girl and then I told her to go away.

Just then an elderly couple, in a big black pickup truck, pulled up and took over. They
got rid of the young girl, made another call to the Sheriff's office and then stayed with
me until the deputy finally arrived.

I thanked both of them, waved goodbye and then climbed into the County-Mountie's

As the deputy pulled back onto the road, he said, "Well, you have a choice to make
tonight: Either you stay in an empty cell at the jail overnight or I drive you 86 miles to
Miles City and then I drop you off there. Which would you like to do?"

No matter how the cop tried to convince me that I wouldn't get mixed-up with an actual
inmate at the jail, I nixed that idea. Quickly.

So, after he gassed-up his rig, he took me for a nice, long ride to Miles City, Montana.

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