Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ruthie On The Road--Yes, It Does

I received a comment from an anonymous person, yesterday. That person responded to
my post about "Need Water."

I have decided not to post the comment. It isn't worth it.

But I am going to respond to that person's words.

The person didn't have to write or send anything to me. But that person did. And when
the person composed the comment, he/she wrote and wrote and wrote.

It was a great deal of reaction.

The person listed some lame reasons for not picking me up that day. And then that
person made claims that aren't true.

And I know that the writer is frustrated with his/her own conscience. Otherwise, that
person never would have sent me a single word.


When someone reacts like that, with such focused intensity, that means that I have
struck a nerve.

And perhaps underneath it all, that person isn't completely comfortable with the
decision that he/she made that day.

Of course, a comment like that leads to the question of why that person chooses to
read my blog in the first place. (My average readership base is increasing, by the way,
to the highest that it has ever been)

And I find it noteworthy to acknowledge the fact that the ambulance personnel and
the hospital staff agreed with my need to access assistance that day. So did the man who
finally drove me from Miles City to Billings, Montana.

And so my point is made: The comment was comprised of rambling words from a fool.
They were written and sent to make the writer "feel better."

And that is pathetic.

Which is why I did not include them here.

I am very grateful to the people who chose to pick me up, today. Congratulations to you
for recognizing that...a written comment is not nearly as important as giving someone a
lifesaving ride down the road.

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