Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

UPDATE, JULY 5, 2013: I am still being given the dreaded pink warning strip if I don't begin the
composition of my post by filling in the title slot, first. Even if I DON'T WANT a title. And judging by
the comments in my email box, nobody else really wants to put titles on their blog posts, all of the
time, either.

Geez, Google...when are you going to change this?


Last night, Blogger began to pop out problems, like popcorn and that made it impossible for me to post here, at all. For the past eight years, that has never happened here, before...at least not to me. However, there is, of course, the outside possibility that it will happen. And last night, the outside
possibility came inside and a number of people just couldn't post to their blogs, period.

Unfortunately, one of those people was me.

It appears that Blogger (Google) is now attempting to fix the problem. Things still aren't exactly right but it does look like the posting problem is now in the recovery stage.

I hope so. Sheesh!

Blogger: Pink "warning" strip is still blocking post unless I post a title in the title slot, first. I should be able to publish post without title (I have before) and obviously the warning shouldn't be showing up, at all. Publishing is still slow and somewhat erratic.

If this publishes, then it will show that I can now edit and re-post, again.

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