Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Troy Fisher: Update

Most of my readers remember the situation involving Troy Fisher.

Well, I got a new comment on the above post, yesterday and I am posting that comment, here.

I don't know who wrote the following comment but I appreciate his/her words, just the same.

This comment is displayed in its original form, without editing:

["I too have known Troy in the past, been involved with theatrical productions that he musically directed and can say openly without a doubt or hesitation that Troy is guilty. It was a technicality that let him off and he has been replaced at Capital Playhouse along with that other vile individual Jeff Kingsbury.
It's not justice...not by a long shot. I somehow know though that him being denied quite as much access to children as he use to have is a punishment that will continue to gnaw at his soul.
To all those that want to try to cast doubt your way? They don't know Troy, you and I DO. That Child Pornography didn't end up on his computer by accident either...all 150 images? But again, the worst punishment that he can experience is to have his "stage" reduced by shinning that big white spot-light down on all his past misdeeds. I don't have to judge him, God has already taken care of that."]

So you lost your Playhouse job, eh, Troy?


That's only fitting...considering the fact that you lost your credibility and sense of basic human decency...a looooong time ago.

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Ruth Rader said...

Someone, who is obviously not very computer literate, attempted to post some comments in response to the ones that were posted previously.

I am posting this comment, in part, to let that person know that every comment that is posted on my blog, is moderated by me.

That means that no comment is posted unless and until I decide to publish it. That won't change...no matter how many times that you push the button.

And I won't publish a comment that is wrapped in an obvious lie. I am quite capable of recognizing a conflict of interest...and a guilty conscience, for what it truly is.