Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update

A great deal has happened to me, lately. Some of the events deserve an "Atta Boy/Girl!" and some
deserve a sharp kick in a tail.

I have taken quite a few photos and I am looking forward to using them in several creative ways
at the end of next week.

One photo, in particular, you'll just have to see!

I am in Utah, right now. But I am planning on telling you all about what happened to me recently
in Baker City, Oregon.

And then there's the trucker who revealed an entirely different side of himself after his mask fell

Plus, I'm sure you will enjoy reading about my recent visit to a small-town shelter here in Utah.

Every one of those posts will include an outrageous side.

I am now aware of the fire that is burning near The Dalles, Oregon. I also got up-close-and-
personal with the bad water situation in Baker City, Oregon.

I appreciate the feedback (both on and off the record) that I am receiving. You all hang in there
and I will, too.

I will post a series of updates at the end of  next week.

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