Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kaine's Krapola?

I read the excerpts from the transcript of  Desiree Young and Kaine Horman's recent appearance on the Dr. Phil show. And I just shook my head.

Kaine Horman's attitude and demeanor is what is concerning me now. So I am going to step beyond the
Terribots, Portland Metro Putzes, the Kyron Kroney Groupies and state that Kaine Horman looks very,
very guilty.

Guilty of what, you may be asking.


Why doesn't Kaine Horman want his yard dug up and how come that didn't happen a long time ago...
at the beginning of the investigation?

Just how many undertakers (huh?) and truckers (what?) does Daddy Kaine know, anyway?

And then there's Kaine's lame claim that he has never seen any of Terri's hate-filled emails that the
red rodent whore sent out about Kyron. Those emails were all over the news after they were released.
So where has Kaine been all this a sensory deprivation tank with Kiara?

When Desiree brought up the fact that Kyron was in so much emotional turmoil that he started wetting his bed...Kaine's response on Dr. Phil's program was totally off the hook.

“I think it was just typical for a child his age making transitions between households,” Kaine declared.

The word "ASS" doesn't even begin to describe Kaine's level of negligence.

Desiree pointed out that Kaine didn't admit that he had an affair with Terri (before they eventually wed)
until 7 1/2 years after the fact.  Obviously Kaine's indiscretions have a long, backroom shelf-life.  And
that is now making me wonder what else he is hiding.

Someone should have told Kaine Horman that this is no time to play dumb. I mean, really.

Kaine is cold and I am beginning to believe that there is something seriously wrong with him.

I hope that law enforcement starts to take another long, look at him.

Perhaps Kaine's key chains, t-shirts and booth bonanzas have worked as an excellent cover. Maybe
the website is a twisted, cyber attempt at absolution. And Horman's appearance with John Walsh was
nothing more than a carefully crafted smoke screen.

I'm very glad that Kaine Horman is back in the spotlight now...maybe that's exactly where he belongs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes & yes...I agree. Something is VERY wrong with that guy!

Ruth Rader said...

Moreover...what about the forces from LE who are supporting him?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he lied and looked like a liar. What are they ( Kaine and LE) hiding? Especially now that he has a fiancé with LE in her family.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this today, and I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks this guy is no good!

Ruth Rader said...

Oh I have obviously been wondering about that oddball for awhile now. Kaine is
just too slick, you know? Way too smooth. He strikes me as snooty and sneaky at
the same time. Mister big-wad-of-cash in his pocket. Hmph!

I wonder what he did to Kyron. I really do. What did he do to that boy?

Whatever he did, I hope that it eventually comes back and haunts him...horribly.