Monday, September 23, 2013

No Muzzle For James Moulton

It never ceases to amaze me when a reader writes in and tells me to delete a post. That reader, for that matter, ALL of my readers, should already know that I don't delete my posts unless I decide to do so.

I never have deleted a post in this blog because somebody else asked me to. And most likely, I never will.

The latest request came in the form of a comment attached to THIS POST  that refers to missing Kyron Horman's brother, James Moulton.

Apparently, the writer doesn't want me to retain or post any more words about why I think that
James Moulton had something to do with Kyron's disappearance.

Oh well.

Let more time...assure that faction of my readers who are a bit slow on the uptake...that I
will continue to post my theories and blatant accusations at James Moulton. I believe that he is
holding on to a great big lie.

This is the comment that was just sent to me:

["While I understand that you want to do the right thing by trying to find Kyron, it's unfair to insinuate that his brother killed him. Kyron idolized his brother and I am sure he too would be very upset. There has never been a single hint from law enforcement that suggested that Kyron's brother was involved. This boy has the right not to be defamed. Please delete this posting."]

And to the misguided person who sent this anonymous comment to me, I have this to say about

Since nothing has been proven and nobody has been arrested, tried or convicted yet...I will
continue to freely point my finger at whomever I choose. That includes "big brother" James...
the now infamous, if not shadowy, blood-related son of  Terri "The Two-Timer" Moulton.

And how can you claim to be "sure" of  anything that Kyron feels right now? Care to elaborate
on that?

And about your statement that, "There has never been a single hint from law enforcement that suggested that Kyron's brother was involved": Au Contraire, anonymous apparently
have not been paying enough attention.

Furthermore, you declared that, "This boy has the right not to be defamed."

To which I reply: Kyron Horman has the right to be found.

So either get in the ring and start looking for our boy or shut up and go away.

Really, anonymous...your comment is almost as stupid as something that Kaine Horman, himself,
might say.


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