Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Pictures From The Stories...

                                -ALL PHOTOS AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

I have collected many photographs and memories on my latest journey. And I am happy that
I am finally going to be able to share them all with you, here.

Today, I am still in Kansas. I ate a bodacious a large dining
room table...with some local homies. We enjoyed scrambled bacon and eggs with fried potatoes
and homemade biscuits.

Life here, in this small southwestern Kansas city, is good. Yes, it is.

And it just goes to prove that faith and a stubborn, one-dimensional focus...will usually pay off.



This is the cabin that I spent some leisurely time in, at Estes Park in Colorado. The cabin was
a gift and included a handmade quilt on a large bed, a flat screen TV and and an over sized tub in a large bathroom.

But I haven't always slept so comfortably while I've been on the road.

 One night I curled up in a gazebo...and started snapping photos of the images
around me. One of the snaps captured an anomaly that I have only one explanation for.

I took a photo of a light pole and ended up with the image above, instead. The
remarkable thing about this picture is the fact that I was talking (praying) to God at the same
time that I snapped the photo.

I think that the photo resembles a cross, do you agree?

That isn't the only time that my phone did something unusual when I took a photo. I also
have this photograph that I have no clear explanation for.

I took the above from behind me...that is, I very carefully captured a photo of the back
of my head. I wanted to get a shot of me looking at the hills and into the sun.

Somehow, in the process, I also ended up with an image of my face...superimposed to
some degree...over the back of  my head.

No, I can't figure it out, either.

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