Monday, October 21, 2013

DNA My Way

I have been asked the same question, over and over, for some time now: What is your
ethnic heritage?

This Winter, I intend to find out.

For years, I have wondered if some truth about my family history has been kept from
me. Now, thanks to advances in genetic technology, I am going to open the lid on that
secret box.

And there isn't a darn thing that anyone is going to be able to do to stop me. Nope.

Unlike some people that I know, my DNA composition won't lie.

And my biological background isn't the only thing that I intend to stick my nose in.

Burn the records, call your lawyers and gather your demons, you hypocritical shysters.

The mission that I spoke of in Iron about to begin.

If  you owe me anything, I strongly suggest that you hand it over now.

And in approaching this new situation, please refer to the message that I left with the
person in that big, blue car:

"Kiss My Ass!"


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Someone else owes you something.

Ruth Rader said...

And I am looking forward to collecting the justice that I have deserved for far too long.

God knew what He was doing when he opened my eyes for over 58 years. Now I am going to open some other eyes...


Anonymous said...

It may be possible to indict a ham sandwich, but making a herd of swine recognize the outcome of a lawsuit and give you money they do not owe you will be a different.

Ruth Rader said...

Now you mention money, do ya?


A lawsuit?


You won't ever catch any fish (or clues) by casting your hook out like that.

But you just keep on doing it...juuust keep it up.

I agree with you on one thing: Yer all pigs...from your snotty snouts to your turd-covered tails.

And your fate wrapped in a simple sandwich will be too good for you.

Say hello to the Miracle Whip.

Ruth Rader said...

My new post, dated November 1, 2013 is one that you really should read.