Friday, October 11, 2013

The Bad Decisions And The Dungeon

                                -ALL PHOTOS AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

Ugly isn't it?

And it reflects the rotten behavior of some of the staff at the Lincoln Connection shelter in
North Platte, Nebraska. They are responsible for what you are viewing here.

These photos were taken in "The Dungeon." And as you can see, it is unsanitary (to say
the least) and in absolute violation of every rule listed in the book of human decency.

The Dungeon is a very small, cinder block structure that includes a stainless steel sink (which
was totally filthy), a toilet bolted to the floor between two "beds" (and the commode was stained
with urine and feces, both inside and outside of the bowl) and a dirty, bug-covered concrete
floor. There are no windows or ventilation or privacy, either. And I never located a working
smoke alarm in The Dungeon.

I spent one night in that structure. The "bed" that is pictured in the photos belongs to another woman who
was forced to share that awful space with me. My sleeping arrangement included a flat, four-
inch-thick "mat-tress", two fitted sheets (no flat sheet), a small pillow and a blanket that was
full of holes.

Before I settled into The Dungeon for the night, I walked back into the main shelter building
and got a small bit of disinfectant in a tall spray bottle, a rag and a heavier blanket. I asked for
and was not provided with a toilet bowl brush, a sponge or a pair of sterile

And I felt truly sorry for my unfortunate roommate when I had to empty both of my body
tanks. The toilet is located less than an arm's reach from her bed. Just imagine it, people.

This is 2013 in the United States of America. And no one should ever have to face what that
lady and I did that night.

Shame on you, North Platte!

When I finally left The Dungeon and North Platte, I ran right into several ugly so-called
"officers of the law." But their actions proved that their law is much different from mine.

Several of them left me stranded, by the side of a dark and dirty highway, by open fields
and cold wind, in the middle of the night. Bitter, angry and spiteful...those crap cops made
a total mockery of their privilege to "protect and serve."

And none of them ever met my Dad. (Some of you know what I mean by that.)

I am very close to the South Dakota border now. And I am typing this in the home of  a
farmer and his wife who do care about what happens to me. And I know that the lady who
stopped by the Kmart parking lot in Scottsbluff heard a special whisper from God.

And the staff at that shelter in North Platte, every twisted face that passed by me on the
highway, every pulpit-pounding hypocrite that turned me away with the back of their
"Theological" hand and those bent-badged bullshitters in their cop mobiles...will eventually
hear nothing but Hell's bells.

They will get exactly what they deserve.


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