Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where Honey REALLY Comes From

                                          -PHOTO AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

Honey...it's a sweet treat...once you get some.. Yeah...and so you reach for that jar that you
grabbed off of a shelf at your store.

Simple, eh?

But how did that container-full of tongue candy get to your local point-of-purchase?

Yesterday, I got a chance to see how honey is collected, extracted and filtered. It is NOT an
easy process!

As I illustrated in an earlier post, gathering honey from hives is rather dangerous work! First,
some members of the farm family that I met, had to don protective suits, hoods, gloves and
wrap their wrists in duct tape.

Then they went out to the hives and began to get the honey combs.

Naturally, the bees got mad and began attacking my friends. They stung and stung and stung
those poor folks...and left many stingers in their gloves.

                                -THE CIRCLES SHOW SOME OF THE MANY STINGERS
                                LEFT IN ONE OF THE GLOVES-

                                -THE LADY OF THE FARM'S HAND IS ALREADY      

The entire process...from collection to bottling is MESSY!

And the first thing that has to take place, is picking out the stray bees that invariably wind
up in the sugar*sweet mix.

The honeycomb is pulled out of the hive on "slats" like the one pictured below.

The honey "extractor":

It takes a whole lot of elbow strength to crank-out the honey!

But like everything else that is delightful in life, the final product is worth all of the intense effort.

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