Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Breaking Cogen

The continuing story about former Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen interests me...on several levels. That is why I am following it and publishing posts about it here.

According to the Willamette Week , Cogen is now working with Democracy Resources to bring
marijuana back around to Oregon's voters. That's fine with me...I will support that initiative 100%.

But there has also been chatter about Cogen's alleged use of cocaine and ecstasy. And that bothers

When I tried to contact Mr. Cogen (while he was still sitting in his commissioner chair) about several matters, he never had enough time for me. But his
intervention could have made a significant difference in my life.

When he didn't respond, I assumed that he was busy doing very important things for the greater
common good. Now I find out that he was just chasing a strange skirt and getting high.

Well, golly gee, thanks for nothing, Jeff.

I mean, if you were hellbent to step outside of  the could have done it for me. You
know people and managed to tweak (pun intended) your contacts and made things happen.

But in the end, it's obvious that you did a great deal for yourself.

And the lady who was wrapped in the blanket, sitting on the sidewalk, in the snow, on West
Burnside Avenue in Portland, Oregon...never crossed your mind. All of my phone calls and
emails were a minor joke to you, weren't they?

But in a tight twist of fate, you aren't enjoying the last laugh now...are you?

And when that guy in Washington State made a farcical of my housing declined
to step in and help me.

Instead, you ignored Walter White-wannabe asshole.

I hope that Marissa Madrigal creates a better atmosphere and removes the stink of selfish
corruption from the walls of your former office.

And Jeff...let me know when you want to meet again. I will be happy to show you just how
creative I can be with MY time, Mr. Cogen.

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