Monday, November 04, 2013

Have YOU Got A Better Idea? Part Two

The second part of my idea works well with the first one. And it is also where the most money will be required.

Eastern Oregon does its best to ignore the State's homeless population. The people on this side of the
State have never built a string of shelters down the length of Oregon's eastern border. In fact, there is not
an actual "homeless shelter" in place anywhere east of Pendleton.

Once a homeless person gets past "Cabbage" hill...that person enters a virtual vacuum.

From La Grande to Baker City to Ontario to Vale to Nyssa...very little standard assistance exists.

This is because Eastern Oregon's residents don't want homeless people in their community. That's
the truth. And again, you who live on this side of the State can wail all that you want to, I know why
you have so little homeless assistance here.

So stop trying to white wash the truth: Like other States treat the Portland Metro area, you Eastern
Oregonians treat Portland and the Boise, Idaho area as your "Social Drainage Point."

When homeless people show up in your town, you point them in another direction. Yeah, you do.

And that is wrong.

Which is why I am suggesting that a shelter be built in Eastern Oregon. The homeless population
is too large on the western side of the State. From Portland to Albany to Salem to Eugene to Coos Bay,
shelters dot the area right down Oregon's western coast.

Compared to the over-burdened Portland Metro Area, Eastern Oregon lives in a state of bliss.

That fact has to change.

After all, who drew the lines and decided where Oregon's homeless population would and would not

Make It Go Away!

From Ontario, Oregon's Argus Observer

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