Saturday, November 16, 2013

Remembering Tatyana...Again

I got dropped-off  near Battle Ground, Washington about a week ago. I was hitchhiking
through that section of Washington State.

As I waited for the next ride, I thought about Tatyana Tupikova .

And I want those who may have seen me, last Sunday, to know that I still think about

Don't we all?

Tatyana represents the most precious and the worst side of good and evil. In the last
article written about her...last Spring, readers still posted comments claiming that somebody
knows something.

As I sat on my backpack, by that on ramp, I glanced over at the directional sign and the
arrow that points to where that beautiful young woman died. Then my gaze shifted to the
cemetery sign.

Drivers and passengers in all sorts of vehicles passed me by. I wondered if any of them knew
Tatyana (there's a chance that they did) and if any of them know the truth about what happened
to her.

I have hitchhiked across North America for the past twenty years and my sixth sense of
discernment is high. I feel auras and vibes and am very aware of strong emotions and the
presence of good and evil.

Last Sunday, when I was sitting on that particular corner, I felt both.

I was more than aware (just in case some of you may be wondering) that I was being watched.
There is no other way to describe it. I felt Tatyana and a very real sorrow from her. At the same
time, I know that some people remained stopped at the nearby intersection for far longer than
they were supposed to. I assume that the occupants recognized my face.

The guy who eventually picked me up is from Battle Ground and is familiar with the Tupikova
case. But he was more comfortable talking about himself than saying anything about Tatyana.

When I first sat down on my backpack, a fat-slob of a guy with messy brown hair and arms
covered with jail tattoos, waddled over and asked me if I wanted a ride. I didn't like his vibes
and told him, in sharp terms, to go away.

He did. But as he walked away, he kept on looking back at me.

I know that Tatyana deserves better than she got at the end of her life. And I don't believe for
a second that whoever hit her doesn't know it.

Do you?

And I still want to know what the Russian Federation's interest in the situation is. After all, that
Russian message board described a very different story.

To this day, no one has ever given me a reason for why that other theory exists. Those of you who
are familiar with that message board know exactly what I am referring to.

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