Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ruthie On The Road, Update--Part Two

I have seen so much outrageous behavior and bad attitudes from the so-called "Christian
Hierarchy" lately. And just as in days past, it still makes me sick.

Last year, I endured an outrageous and unreasonable experience in Corvallis, Oregon.

So this year, I decided to revisit that "train wreck" and see if anything has changed.

Well, it has...and it hasn't.

The women's winter warming shelter has relocated to a huge Methodist church building
in downtown Corvallis. No more long bus rides into the night.

The dorm features beds and sheets and blankets and pillows. In that way, it is very much
like last year.

But it is cold at night in Corvallis, Oregon now. So I was surprised when I walked into
the room and looked at all of the empty beds. Of  twelve beds, only one was being used.
It just didn't add up to me.

Unlike last year, the building includes two showers that we are able to use. So I took a

The next night was different. Another woman came in and so the occupant total rose to

But I was told that I couldn't take a shower...because the woman in charge didn't want us
to "get used to using the showers every night." She explained that she was concerned about
what the shower situation would become once all of the dorm beds are full.

"Well then, you can divide us up and have six women use the showers on one night and then
switch to the next six women on the following night" I suggested.

My logical thinking escaped her and she made that very clear.

Then the woman informed me that she would buy me a used coat at a thrift store for up to
$25. I told her that I very much appreciated that but I wondered if  $25 would buy me a nice,
warm wrap at Walmart.

But the woman dismissed my suggestion and told me that I should "feel comfortable" wearing
a $25 coat from a thrift store. It was obvious that she felt that I was only good enough to wear
a used piece of  fabric on my back. The woman didn't care about the money...she just wanted
me to properly play the role of a "homeless woman."

The next morning, I stood at one of the sinks and wet down my hair. Then I worked-in a hair

When the morning staff person walked in the dorm and turned on the light, she saw my hair
and made a beeline for me.

"You can't take a shower in the morning!" she barked at me.

No smile or the words "Good Morning" crossed her lips. Nope.

I told her that I didn't take a shower. Then I told her that she should have wished me a good morning. And then I walked away and never looked back. I am miles away from there, now.

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