Wednesday, November 20, 2013

They Must Be Angels

                         -PHOTO AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

I left the shelter, early this morning, with a lady who volunteers there. She's quite a woman.

Her dog barked loud and hard at me but when I slid into the seat of the
woman's rig, the dog just ended up licking my face. Silly puppy!

The woman dropped me off at the hospital and I took the elevator down to
the ER. They know me there and I said hello to the ladies at the desk,
poured myself a cup of fresh hot coffee and waited for a another friend of
mine who works at the hospital to appear.

My friend finally walked down the hall and helped me work out a plan for transportation
around town until I leave Hood River.

She typed-out a note for me to bring back to the shelter staff and in it she
refers to me as "a most pleasant guest" when I am at the hospital.

I left and started the downhill walk to the library. A couple of minutes later,
a couple pulled up by the curb in an SUV.  An older man was sitting in the front
passenger seat and a woman (I assume it was his wife) was driving.

The woman got out of the rig and walked up to me. Her face was just

She asked me, "Where are you going?"

"To the library" I answered.

"From where?" she asked.

"The hospital" I replied.

Her face took on a look of concern.

"Are you a patient there?"

"No" I explained. "They've sort of adopted me."

"Well, here...we want you to have this and to know that Jesus
loves you and knows you as a precious soul." She fluffed my
hair and hugged me.

The man in the car waved at me.

I waved back and the woman got back into the vehicle and
then they continued down the hill and disappeared.

I looked down at the bill and smiled.

It was a $20 bill.

A pretty good way to start the day.

Hello, clean clothes and Diet Dew!

Nope, I have no idea who they are or why they did that.

They must be angels.*

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