Friday, November 01, 2013

When You Get Angry...

The great Western writer Louis L'Amour once said:  "Anger is a killing thing."

He is right.

Jesus Christ, the well-known Son of God, once stormed into a nest of thieves,
kicked some hypocrite tail and took names.

He was right, too.

Today, Paul Anthony Ciancia got mad and took his rage to the Los Angeles
International Airport. He sprayed every bit of HIS ANGER, in a hail of bullets,
at unsuspecting people.

He terrorized, he hurt and he killed.

He was wrong.

And now I wonder what happened to that young man's fury when those bullets,
from a cop's gun, hit his own body.

Did the cop's ballistic payback make Ciancia feel any better?

Yes, Paul Ciancia is mentally ill.

But where did it come from and how did it start?

It's all fine and good to be "a pissed-off Patriot" as Paul Ciancia referred to himself
in a note that he wrote. This Country was founded by such people.

But their attitude went far beyond anger. Our Forefathers shot their frustration into
dreams. And those lofty hopes built the roads, the bridges and the communities
that we call the United States, today.

Paul Ciancia carried a tract that referred to the so-called, "New World Order."  He
approached adulthood with his edges bent and really had no idea what he was
doing. And yet he did.

He didn't learn the plain truth lesson that there really isn't nor will there ever be a
"New World Order." There's just a fraction in time in which we all have the
opportunity to bring a little more Order and New blessings into this old World.

I don't like everything that's going on in the Country, right now, either, Mr. Ciancia.
But I didn't set-out this morning to kill 39-year-old TSA officer Gerardo Hernandez!

Yesterday, I had a great time watching campy and creepy horror flicks on the Turner
Classic Movies channel. I enjoyed it tremendously. Good ol' ghastly Vincent Price!

That man played the role of a madman up to the hilt!

But that was just when he was following a the cinema land of
Make Believe.

What tore up bodies and splattered across the airport terminal floor today is real.

A couple from Idaho stopped and picked me up from the side of the Interstate, last
Saturday night. They brought me here to the eastern edge of Oregon and put me up
in a motel for a week.

Last evening, they sent me a text message and declared that I am now their "friend for

Ahhh, Paul Ciancia...23 years ago you were given the gift of life. Then you grew up
and forgot why you received that gift in the first place.

The truth is, Mr. Ciancia...sometimes...When You Get miss the whole

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