Saturday, November 23, 2013

You Can't Do It?

To My Readers:

I want to explain why I am sending out the cryptic messages in a list, here. It's because when things happen, they have a tendency to happen all at once.

The receivers all know who they are. And my blog is one of the best ways to communicate with "all kinds of kinds" Miranda Lambert recently put it.

You know who I despise the most?


I mean, I am an open door, an open hand, an open book...Here I Am! And the
gutless wonders just continue to slink around like someone's bad afterthought that they're really ashamed of.

If you're going to get that close...don't run away from me. That's just worthless movement, Honey. And you know that this is directed at you.

What's the matter...can't you do it without TV cameras?


Anonymous said...

Do cowards try to scam people with bogus lawsuits? Do they try to blackmail people? If they have information about something important, do they get on the internet and try to sell it, or do they just go ahead and do the honest thing? Are you the very thing you hate most?

Ruth Rader said...

I really can't answer your first question since it is quite obvious that YOU know more about the attributes and behavior pattern used by a coward. The only thing that I know about scams is to avoid them.
And about blackmailing and selling information online...nah, if I have something valuable to share...I take care of business without advertising my strategy. ~smirk~ But yes, when provided with the option, I definitely do the honest thing. Your last question is just stupid, so I won't answer it. However, I advise you to stop projecting your inner-feelings about yourself on other people. Don't be a dumb ass.