Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You're No Grandma, Carol Moulton!


Who are you calling your "grandson", Carol Moulton?

You sure as hell can't be referring to Kyron!!!

You've never so much as walked outside your house and pleaded for that kid's safe return! Yet now you're mad because his mama placed Kyron's picture on your front lawn and wrote his name in the street??!!

You've never worked tirelessly with the men and women who continue to investigate Kyron's case. You've never made your presence known on his website (much less made one of your own) nor have you contributed to the dozens of pages that are dedicated to Kyron on Facebook. Carol, when it comes to loving and showing a grandmother's concern...you haven't done anything.

You've never, ever really given a damn about Kyron!

Kyron is dead to you, Lady...as if he was ever alive to you in the first place!

Carol Moulton, you are not a grandmother! (And I hope that Kiara remains far away from you.) You are nothing but a lowdown, lying, conniving and manipulating bitch. And when Kyron's fate is revealed, I hope you are caught in a well-deserved curse.

Kyron's presence SHOULD BE all over your front lawn. YOU should have put it there and lovingly tended it since June 4, 2010! But you haven't done that. Instead, you have kept Kyron's picture and news about his case out of your yard. In fact, you've kept the entire situation out of your mind like a bad secret that you've hidden in your house.

No, you've barely spoken a word about Kyron. Instead, you have shielded your daughter, who is a grown woman and done practically all of the talking for her.

Terri is not Kyron's age and yet you have insisted on treating her like she is!

I am very grateful for the fact that I never had a grandmother like you. I feel great sympathy for Kyron. You were worthless to him before he disappeared and you are worth LESS to him now.

I applaud Desiree's effort to bring Kyron's presence to your doorstep. And I commend her for doing what you, as nobody's "grandma"...ever bothered to do, yourself.

You and Terri deserve each other. But Kyron never deserved either one of you.

I hope that Desiree continues to remind you that Kyron is missing and that he matters in God's long-range scheme of things.

You go ahead and call 911, Carol Moulton. You just go right ahead. But until you sincerely act like a grandmother, don't you ever refer to Kyron as your "grandson", again.

Kansas is calling now, isn't it, Terri?

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Ruth Rader said...

The situation involving the disappearance of Kyron Horman is heating back up, again. Fan those flames, Desiree! Make your point known! Be LOUD and proud! You're doing everything RIGHT!