Wednesday, December 04, 2013

If You Want It: Remembering Sandy Hook

It is impossible to listen to this without tearing-up and feeling the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

And this is only one of the tapes that was just released following a battle between the powers-that-be
and the Associated Press.

I am including this particular tape, with a prayer, that no one will commit such an evil atrocity again
in our Country.

I am not posting this in my blog because I want to make a pitch for gun control. I am asking everyone in this Country to exercise more personal control.

We all have tough choices that we have to make, we all have to deal with our share of issues that are unfair, we all get frustrated, we all get disappointed, we all get emotionally hurt, we all get angry...but when we all grab hold of the hand of God (however you perceive that entity to be)...we let go of the idea of shooting our way out of way of a hail of bullets from the barrel of a gun...pointed at a child.

Living takes courage. And I have the most respect for those who sincerely put their faith in all that is right and the pivotal point when all the walls of personal control...start crashing in.

Darius Rucker stood in front of a group of children on TV the other night. He sang the song, "Happy Christmas/War Is Over" that was eloquently composed and recorded by the late John Lennon.

As I watched his image on the flatscreen, I saw that Rucker really meant every word that he sang. And it was as if he realized that the group of children, singing behind him, could have lost their lives to a shooter, as well. And his eyes conveyed the thought, "Please people, let's bring PEACE and LOVE and SANITY back into our Nation. DON'T SHOOT ANY MORE OF OUR BABIES!"

War is over. If you want it.


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