Monday, December 02, 2013

Missing: Miyah Weidenbach

From her mother on Facebook:

PLEASE PLEASE!! HELP US FIND MY DAUGHTER!! Her name is Miyah Weidenbach she has been going by Casey. She has been missing since yesterday morning. She has possibly tried to meet up with a guy in Corvallis but Greyhound has confirmed she did not get on the bus. Oregon State Police are looking into it but I want to get her picture out wherever I can so maybe someone will see her. She is 5 foot 4, dyed her hair black blue eyes, 125 lbs. If you see her or know of anything that could possibly help us locate her PLEASE CALL THE OREGON STATE POLICE!!  PLEASE HELP US!! She is 13 years old.


Anonymous said...

I heard she has been found. can you please post an update?

Ruth Rader said...

I am now hearing that this whole thing may be hoax. I am doing my best to find out, right now.
I suggest that if you want trustworthy clarification, that you contact the Oregon State Police.

Ruth Rader said...

I have received the following response from an apparently reputable source:

" We haven't heard that at all. And judging from the number of news sources reporting on it, I doubt it is a scam. No money has been requested."

So, until I hear otherwise, I will assume that this young lady is, in fact, still missing.

Ruth Rader said...

To the person who left me a comment in August of 2015: You apparently have a few screws missing. Go find them. You are obviously in desperate need.

Ruth Rader said...

I have received four comments from a source that cannot spell and definitely has some dysfunctional issues, as well.

It appears that Miyah Weidenbach eventually found her way back home. However, either she or someone who knows her sent four poorly-written and whacked-out comments to me.

It's October 2016 now and someone suddenly sent me those comments after all this time.
That in itself is an indicator.

The person demanded that I remove all of the posts about Miyah from my blog. I was
accused of making money from her disappearance and breaking the law by retaining the


Let me say this about that:

First of all, you will never get me to remove content from my blog by making threats. Especially empty and obnoxious ones.

Second, I don't earn a red cent from this blog. So if you are trying to extort
money, you are going after the wrong person.

Third, Miyah's image and articles related to her "disappearance" are a matter
of public record and still exist all over the Internet. They stay, mine stays
and you have nothing to say to change that.

In the future, I would suggest that you be much more polite in your
correspondence. You'll probably find that the response that you receive will
be much more to your liking.