Thursday, December 05, 2013

Police Potty Mouth?

I watched this video this morning and I just shook my head. Not because of the salty
language that the officer used but because something far, far worse could have
happened. A horrific accident could have taken place had that officer not intervened.

It's very easy for the media to pick up a story like this and run with it. But there is a
piece of this incident that the news ghouls forgot: The officer probably saved many
if not all of those children's lives.

I know how I would have reacted, had I been one of those kid's parents. I would
have laughed at the language and then made a point of thanking the officer for
taking a stand and looking out for my child.

It's a point worth considering.

I hope that the police brass give the officer an easy edge: Talk tough to the media
but pat the cop on the back in private.

Because any bus driver who pulls a busload of children over to the side of the
road does it because her passengers are out of control. She might not be able to
box the ears of a few of the "little darlings"... but she can darn sure make the
proper judgement call. And in this case, I believe she did.

So did the officer. And it probably won't be the last time that those kids will be
cussed-out in their lifetime.

Enough said.

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