Sunday, December 08, 2013

Samantha Dodson Has Been Found

I was not able to get online until this morning, but I am very happy to know that Samantha Dodson has been found...alive and okay.

At least physically, although, even her body was apparently violated by that terrible man, Kelsey Patrick McCune .

Now, Samantha will begin the process that will allow her to heal...both physically and emotionally. I may never know all of the details related to why this happened in the first place. But that is alright because it is really none of my business. However, I sincerely wish Samantha the best and I hope that she finds love and compassion when and where she needs it.

As for McCune, some posters have referred to him as a "dirtbag." I prefer to regard him as a manure bag...but it actually comes down the same thing. He is a disgraceful and pathetic human being. I hope the powers-that-be throw the punishment book at him.

He truly deserves nothing less than that.

Oregonian Coverage Of The Capture

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