Friday, December 20, 2013

When A Heart Breaks

                      -PHOTO, DESIGN AND EDITS BY RUTH RADER-

Well, this is about it for 2013. And in the end, I am left watching images of crazy shooters while I nurse a serious chest cold.

I was offline for the past twenty days because I was so sick.

Now I am staying inside a series of church buildings at night...but doesn't mean that my compadres are behaving like saints.

It gets tiring...listening to the same worthless wahs from people who couldn't catch a sunbeam (or snowflake) of truth...even on a bright, clear day.

It's grown cold here in northern Oregon. And while he travels, today, Andy has no idea what I am going to write about.

Today, I am going to publish a post about life. Because that is what we are all involved in, right now, no matter where we are in the World.

I am sad, today because Maggie is changing. She is growing older and losing that sparkle that used to follow her around, like a renegade Tinkerbell. Another woman that I know is becoming brittle...and bitter. I'm not sure which of those bad attributes will eclipse the last shred of her goodness first. But at this point, I think that eventually, one of them surely will. Alan is physically sick, today and
some people are now saying that he might not return to work at all, this Winter.
I miss him...I sincerely do.

And Andy?

Well...He is still trying to sort through all of the blessings and the balderdash, and make sense of them both.

Meanwhile, I am finally cutting my last ties with the Stern State of Kansas. And like Mr. Kotter, I am going through the bittersweet process of being "welcomed back" to the Outrageous State of Oregon.

I miss Springtime. I wish that Kyron Horman would come home. I pray that there are no more shootings this Season. My body is tired and it aches. But my heart is also weary and it hurts far, far more.'s Christmas, again.

And too many prayers are piling up in the corners of "just-throw-it-all-away."

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