Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Will They Be Home For Christmas?

(Music And Lyrics By Livingston Taylor)

As far as I know, right now, many children, including Sabrina Allen, Lindsey Baum, The Skelton Brothers, Kyron Horman and now...thirteen-year-old  Miyah Weidenbach...are still missing. And I know that the families and friends who lost those children, would give every material possession that they own to have those kids back.

People battled over merchandise on Black Friday. But the families who have lost children, struggle in a different way, every day. They fight to keep the faith and continue. They hold onto the hope that someday their lost child will be found.

I don't know the story behind Miyah's disappearance. Right now, the truth of what happened to her seems as far away as Miyah, herself. And I don't know if Miyah will ever read this but I hope that she makes the right decisions for herself.

I know that many people care about Miyah and are sincerely praying for her safe return. I have read their comments and their prayers and offers to help...on Facebook. It's sad to think that Miyah might not even realize how many people are pulling for her safe return.

Because they really are.

Instead of hearing about one more child that's gone lost...I pray that this Christmas, we will hear several stories about children who are found. So they can be home for Christmas.

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