Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Open Letter to Jason Feifer

An Open Letter To @heyfeifer:

Jason Feifer...I want a word with you...and maybe a photograph. Now that you've revealed what you like to do  for kicks and giggles.

So you want to collect photos of people in poses with homeless individuals?


Well then, let's play fair, shall we?

You have created your notoriety by taking and posting cheap shots. But I have kept a real blog,
for over nine years now...and did it while I hitchhiked all over North America. My blog includes hundreds of my own photographs. And even some original videos.

I have worked on my blog, Jason. You've just run yours through a slimy river of sleaze.

And now I have a proposition for you.

Come to Oregon and take me up on one of my two offers:

1.) Let me take your picture but allow me to take it wherever I want to.

2.) Come take a series of selfies with me and include a fair payment in the deal. I will let you
take my photograph but I will charge you for it.

Come on, Jason...what are you waiting for?

I'm right here...ready and willing.

Grab your cell phone and take me on.

I'll show you what homeless photography is really all about.

Ruthie Rader
A Homeless American Woman


Jason said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Ruth, and for your great blog. I fear you've misunderstood the nature of the site I put together. I didn't take any of those photos, and I don't know any of the people in them. Nor do I support or encourage any of the photos they took. What I did—and what I've done with two other sites, on different subjects—is gather the photos that other people posted, to point out the insensitive ways that people are using selfies and social media. I, like you, don't agree with the photos on my site. I also specifically say on the site that I don't endorse them, and I include links to organizations that help the homeless. But I do believe that it's useful for everyone to see insensitive photos, so that they can begin to think about why so many people are taking them. I imagine that you would also agree that dialog is good and helpful.

Thanks again for your thoughts, and all the best.

Ruth Rader said...

Jason...Thank you for your response. However, I don't agree with what is going on...mainly because there is no money involved.
However, I will make a financial deal with anyone who wishes to take a "homeless selfie" with me.
Please consider my offer. Thank you. (And now I will take my razor-wit tongue out of my cheek)